Ode to Joy

My version of Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” theme, with a special introduction.

Ode to Joy MP3, 1:50, 1.33MB
Ode to Joy MIDI, 5.5KB
Ode to Joy PDF, 22.6KB
Ode to Joy Score (Sibelius 6), 34.3KB

This is my first post. I’ve played the piano on and off for years but have recently taken up composing seriously. I am using Sibelius 6 and I find it easiest to compose with my piano in front of the computer and the keyboard and mouse to input notes. I have a MIDI cable but dislike it because any time I hit a key it is added to the score and it changes the sound of the piano. I have no problem coming up with tunes—the hard part is writing them down.