A synthesized piece with multiple instruments I composed titled “Inferno.” I added a violin, bassoon, and drums to piano in Sibelius 6 and made a synthesized MP3 with the Musica Theoria 2 soundfonts.

Though the tempo is very fast, this is playable on the piano with practice. I don’t think the violin part can be played but it is there for dramatic effect. Enjoy!

Inferno MP3, 2:46, 1.99MB
Inferno MIDI, 28.67KB
Inferno PDF, 63.24KB
Inferno Score (Sibelius 6), 51.45KB

Inferno MP3, Piano Only, 1:46, 1.28MB
Inferno MIDI, Piano Only, 8.62KB
Inferno PDF, Piano Only, 39.19KB
Inferno Score (Sibelius 6), Piano Only, 44.85KB

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